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Gobble! 6-Inch Turkey Tendon for Dogs, Made in USA, 6 oz. (170g) Reseal Value Bags, All-Natural Hypoallergenic Dog Chew Treat |Sourced, Processed & Packaged in The USA | (Sticks (22-25 Pieces))


  • WHY GIVE YOUR DOG TURKEY TENDONS? Turkey Tendons satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew. · Our premium turkey tendons offer a fun way to help with their dental care. Let them gnaw their way to healthier gums as plaque and tarter is removed with these dental treats.
  • WHY GIVE YOUR DOG OUR AMERICAN MADE TURKEY TENDONS? Sourced, Processed & Packaged in the USA. The turkey is humanely raised, free range. No added hormones, No antibiotics, No steroids. · Single Ingredient. · Merely dehydrated to a shelf stable moisture, so No preservatives. · Our turkey breast tendons are jumbo chews. These turkey tendons will make both of you happy. · We’re sure that your dog deserves a superior tendon and our quality fits the bill.
  • NOW TO ORDER: · These are the best thick large turkey tendons. · They are great for dogs and puppies alike. They are suitable for small to medium size dogs. · Order what is convenient for you as these bulk dog chews are available in many counts.·
  • TURKEY TENDON STICKS: 6 oz. (170g) Package, 22-25 Pieces

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer (2-Pack) for Airtight Food Storage Saver, Reseals Snack Bags, Seals Plastic Aluminum Chip Packs and Commercial Size Repack


  • MORE VALUE – YOU GET 2! – 2 Plastic Bag Sealers (1 Red, 1 Blue) included in this Combo Pack. Prevents the smell of the food escaping from an unsealed plastic bag that will attract insects or bugs
  • SAVE $ – No need to buy freezer bags anymore – Re-use the original bag instead. Keeps foods and snacks fresher, longer. Reduce food waste
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL IN SECONDS – Just press and pull the mini food sealer across the bag to create an airtight seal. Lock in freshness and flavor. Foods last longer
  • SUPER CONVENIENT– Magnetic backing so you can keep it handy on the refrigerator, stove, or microwave
  • HIGH QUALITY – Durable, made with precision by iTouchless, the leader in sophisticated housewares and kitchen products

Mini Bag Sealer, 2 IN 1 Portable Heat Sealer and Cutter, Chip Bag Food Sealer Vacuum Machine for Snack Plastic Fresh Bags – Pink – Battery Not Included


  • 【BAG SEALER MINI】The mini bag sealer can quickly seal and cut bags. It helps you store the remaining snacks, food, cookies, pet food. Make sure foods has its original flavor when you eat in next time and keep food fresh.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 You can just press and pull the plastic sealer across the bag. And the blade is hidden above the lid and requires a slide button. Greater security and convenience. With this sealer, it allows you to maintain food moderation without wasting.
  • 【SPECIFICATION】The size is 2.9*1.5inch (8cm*4cm), weight only 1.7 OZ(50GR). And it has a magnet on the bottom to stick on the fridge, easy to access. Battery Type: 2*AA alkaline batteries.
  • 【MATERIAL】The plastic sealer is made of ABS material, it adopts the principle of hot melt sealing, any type of plastic bag or aluminum bag will be affected by the sealing force. Stronger sealing effects and no air leakage. This heat sealer is suitable for chip bags, cookie bags, vacuum sealer bag and other PP, PE, PVC bags.
  • 【AFTER-SALE】This handheld food heat sealer should be powered by 2*AA batteries (The batteries not included). Please open the cover to preheat the item by pressing 3-5 seconds before using, then simply slide it along the edge of any bag and it’s sealed airtight. If you have any questions about the mini bag sealer heat seal, please feel free to contact us.

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ProPremium 50 Mylar Bags 1 QUART – Thick 7.4 Mil – 7″x10″ Airtight Vacuum Sealing Sealable Mylar Bags for Long Term Food Storage – Odor Free Heat Resistant – Light and Moisture Proof Fresh Saver Packs


  • 1 QUART 7.4 MIL THICK MYLAR BAGS! PROPREMIUM mylar bags are the highest quality and thickest you’ll find on the market! Made with premium quality aluminum foil in a silver color with a thickness of 7.44 mil. Bags are 1 QUART in volume (7″ x 10″).
  • DON’T WASTE MONEY ON CHEAPER THIN BAGS that will FAIL, causing your carefully prepared food to spoil and go to waste! Protect goods from light exposure, moisture, insects, and degradation with ultra thick 7.4 mil walls designed for long term food storage.
  • BPA FREE, AIRTIGHT & EASILY SEALABLE – Expel air from the bag and seal with a household iron or hair straightener, creating a total oxygen barrier to store spices, baking powders, salts, dehydrated meats, seeds, rice, pasta, oats, dry beans, sugar and more.
  • STANDUP GUSSET FOR BETTER ORGANIZATION – These 1 QUART bags are designed with a 3.21″ gusset that expands, allowing them to stand upright. Maximize storage space and easily shuffle through labeled bags to find what you need. Temp. range: 0°F – 176°F.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We take pride in the superior quality and unmatched resilience of our durable 1 QUART mylar bags. Problem with your order? Please contact our dedicated Customer Assistance Team and we will resolve your issue right away.

Ziploc Quart Food Storage Freezer Bags, Grip ‘n Seal Technology for Easier Grip, Open, and Close, 75 Count


  • Grip ‘n Seal technology and triple seal system featuring extended tab, easy-grip texture and double zipper for maximum ease of use
  • Designed to help protect from freezer burn
  • Perfect for storing fresh food items (e.g. meat or fish) in the fridge or freezer
  • Safe for use in the microwave (when used as directed), freezer and fridge
  • 75-quart Ziploc bags made of durable BPA-free plastic

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Great Value Sandwich Bags, 300 count


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    Pacific Resolve Mylar Bags & Label Bundle – 100 4×5 3/4″ Stand-Up Bags, Clear & Black, Smell Proof, Heat Sealable And Resealable For Food Storage and Multipurpose Organization, 3.5 Gram Bags


    • 【SIZE DISCLAIMER】 – These bags have their inside dimensions as follows: 4 3/4″ from bottom of zipper to bottom of bag gusset. / 3 3/8″ from bag wall seam to bag wall seam. The bag wall thickness is 110 microns.
    • 【CONVENIENT STORAGE & LABEL BUNDLE】 – This amazing value-pack of 100 medium-sized (4” x 5 3/4”) resealable Mylar bags comes with a bonus 100 white labels (3 ½” x 1 ¼” each), so you can pack, label, and store in no time, having your space or project organized in the blink of an eye without breaking the bank!
    • 【MULTIPURPOSE & GREAT FOR SAFE GIFTING】 – Our mini storage bags are for more than just kitchen organization. With heat-seal locking material, these premium quality bags can be used for anything from crafting supplies like beads and string, to your own small business packaging, just fill with your product, seal, label and sell!
    • 【PERFECT FOR STORAGE】 – Organize your kitchen while keeping your food fresher, what more could you ask for? Herbs, candy, nuts, coffee, loose teas, and the list goes on. Once you store your goods in these 100% safe, moisture-proof, smell-proof mylar bags you’ll surely notice the difference in long term freshness.
    • 【HEAT SEALABLE】 – These bags are heat sealable above the zipper lock for longer term storage or more secure transport of goods. The tear notches in this area allow easy access through the heat sealed area.

    Natural Value Slider Freezer Bags, 10 Count


    • Pac and plasticizer free
    • Made in the USA
    • BPA Free

    150 Pcs Resealable Mylar Bags – 6×9 inch – Smell Proof Ziplock and Heat Sealable Bags – Stand Up Food Storage Pouches – Safe Waterproof Packaging Barrier – WaldOaks


    • Contents: 150 individual pouches! Silver with transparent front window to clearly display contents. Close bags with heat seal or zipper. Tear notch to easily open heat seal. Base expands to 2.5 inches allowing pouch to stand on its own – effortless to fill. Bags come in their own zipper top pouch, allowing for easy storage and reuse.
    • Materials: Food grade material. Smell proof bags made high quality, metalized film (VMPET) with aluminum layer to create a high barrier which protects pouch contents. Smell proof, air and water tight material will keep contents safe and maintain freshness. Perfect for storing pet food on the go.
    • Size: exterior 6×8.75 inches; interior 5.25×7 inches. 24 fl. oz. Bigger than most small and medium sized bags. Perfect size for storage. Pouches’ wide opening gives plenty of room to fit hand in to access contents. Store 3 cups of dry goods (oats, granola, mini marshmallows, bath salts, pet food), 72 animal crackers, 22 regular marshmallows, 30 dishwasher pods, 30 markers, 40 crayons.
    • Durable: Thicker than most bags, at 7mils (180 microns). Each pouch is strong enough to withstand repeated use without tearing. Air and water tight. Material and zipper seal strong enough to store liquids without leaking.
    • Practical Uses: Package company products and samples. Split bulk size bags of food into smaller portions. Organize toiletries for travel. Homemade first-aid kits. Store kids’ clean/dirty masks for school. Pack your detergent pods for the weekend getaway at the vacation rental. Pack loose hardware in the garage. Activity/coloring kits for the car. Keep pet food while away from the house. Keep your bath salts next to the tub in a non-slip, shatter proof, stand up pouch.

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    Reli. To Go Bags / Take Out Bags (500 Count Bulk) (Small 16″L x 8″W + 10.75″H) Reusable Plastic Bags with Handles / Shopping Bag – Die Cut Handle – Plastic Bag for Business, Carry Out, Restaurant Bags


    • Reusable Plastic To Go Bag | 16″L (Top) x 8″W (Bottom) x 10.75″H | Square Bottom | 500 Bags
    • Reliable Handles -Handles are tucked inside the thick 0.65 mil bag for food service take out/delivery
    • Self Standing – Patented square bottom feature helps to quickly load & unload for easy carry out
    • Water Resistant Construction – Prevents liquid spills from exiting/entering bag for safe to go items
    • Rely on Reli. – Convenience & quality to serve shopping, restaurant, business & take out bag needs

    Pride Professional Tee System, 2-3/4 inch ProLength Tee, 100 count, White


    • #1 Tee on the PGA Tour
    • 100% Natural Hardwood
    • Color bar indicates Tee length
    • Painted, Printed and Packaged in the U.S.A.
    • Perfect for Drivers under 360cc
    • 2-3/4″ long
    • Perfect for most 3, 4 and 5 woods and moderate volume drivers.
    • A high (long) tee encourages a shallow approach and maximizes the launch angle
    • Properly positions the ball with respect to the drivers “sweetspot”

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    Ziploc Snack Bags for On the Go Freshness, Grip ‘n Seal Technology for Easier Grip, Open, and Close, 280 Count


    • Perfect for storing dry and fresh food items – lock in the fresh flavor, unloc the enjoyment
    • Grip ‘n Seal technology with extended tabs, easy-grip texture and double zipper makes these reusable Ziploc bags easy to use
    • Great for ‘on-the-go’ enjoyment – use these Ziploc snack bags anytime, anywhere
    • Mindfully made to be reusable and recyclable
    • Contains 280 Ziploc bags made of durable BPA-free plastic to keep your family stocked up and snacked up

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