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COSCO 091508 Easycut Cutter Knife w/Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade, Black/Blue


  • Holds Spare Blade
  • Safety-Tipped Blades Retract Automatically Upon Release Of Handle.
  • Handle Features Blade Storage Compartment And Retractable Edge Guides For Cutting Box Tops.
  • Lightweight Plastic Design

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EasyCut 1000 Safe Retractable Box Cutting Utility Knife, Blue, 09780


  • Fast and highly secure safety box cutter
  • 3 Depth setting, Squeeze trigger and Edge guides
  • With holster, lanyard and extra blade
  • Very safe for workers, teachers, students and other professionals
  • Snap-on holster and lanyard system rotates 180-degrees

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Easycut Yellow 2000N Series


  • Fast and highly secure safety box cutter
  • Cutter with 2 side guide technology
  • Dimension 7×1.5x2inch, Weight 3.2 oz
  • 3 blade setting with blase blade vanishing technology
  • Holster left or right direction

Veltec 10 Pack Replacement Blades for Easy-Cut Self Retracting Cutter Series


  • For use with all Easy-Cut safety cutter series
  • Patented radius tip to prevent user injury
  • 3 x longer lasting – 5,000 ft of cuts
  • No-chip quality steel and stops product damage

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Easycut 2000N Yellow Safety Box Cutter Utility Knife Easy Cut Tool


  • 3 blade-depth settings
  • Radius-blunt tip blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Clip-on holster and lanyard
  • Clip-on holster and lanyard

COS091509 – Easycut Self Retracting Cutter Blades


  • Manufacturer: Cosco

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Garvey Products Cosco EasyCut Self-Retracting Blade Safety Cutter (COS091508)


  • Safety-tipped blade retracts automatically upon release of handle
  • Blade length is easily adjustable
  • Blade can be locked in the retracted position for additional safety
  • Retractable edge guides help in cutting box tops
  • Made of stainless steel to combat corrosion



  • Fast and highly secure safety box cutter
  • 3 Depth setting, Squeeze trigger and Edge guides
  • With holster, lanyard and extra blade
  • Very safe for workers, teachers, students and other professionals
  • Snap-on holster and lanyard system rotates 180-degrees

It’s not enough to simply be able to choose a easycut cutter product by yourself. You also have to know how much you’re willing to spend and commit that to memory. The same goes for the length of time you want the easycut cutter product, its warranty and its price.

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If you have any questions about the easycut cutter product you’re considering, call the store first and ask them before buying it.


Easycut 1000 Red Safety Box Cutter Knife Easy Cut


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    EasyCut 4000 Safe Retractable Box Cutting Utility Knife, Gray, 09307, with Blade Vanishing Auto-Retract Technology and Three Precision Depth Settings


    • Opening/cutting boxes
    • Stops product damage
    • Ambidextrous edge guides
    • Blade auto retract
    • 3 precise blade settings

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